Craignano is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, India, on the Shimla-Naldehra route at an elevation of around 7700 feet above sea level. Craignano Nature Park, which is well-known for its wonderful Italian-style estate, is recently constructed in the location of a former British-era Italian mansion. It is sometimes known as “Crack Nano.”

The construction of Craignano, an Italian home was commissioned by a famous Italian photographer, Chevalier Federico Pelite. A memorial to Chevalier’s Italian roots, the house is today one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Mashobra. It serves as the one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. 

Shimla and Mashobra are famous tourist destinations for visitors who want to see the picturesque town. The home is entirely constructed of wood, and it is surrounded by sparkling streams and towering cedar and pine trees.

Craignano Mashobra is distinguished for its well-kept lawns, old-worldly stone seats, and antique night lights that date back to the colonial era, among other characteristics. Aside from its location, the villa is particularly notable for its water lift, which is the tallest in the world. It is a one-of-a-kind creature on the plains of Mashobra, and it draws a large number of visitors to this location each year.

What is the best way to get there?

You can travel from Shimla to Mashobra in around 20-25 minutes if you have a vehicle. The most convenient method to go to Craignano Nature Park in Shimla is to have your car and drive right to the park. Alternatively, taking a local bus from Shimla to Mashobra is the most cost-effective mode of transportation. In addition to that, you must climb for 10-15 minutes uphill.

Craignano National Park
Craignano National Park

Craigneno Nature Park also has several other attractions.

Craignano is referred to as “Cracknano”. Tourists have little to no influence on this location. One notable aspect of the site is the opportunity to observe a sculpture constructed without a professional’s assistance.

Aside from that, there are other spots to explore in Shimla where you may get some unforgettable images. If you are a photographer, you should go up to this location because of the tranquil and calm environment. At the same time, you will come upon a treehouse, which you might attempt to scale.

The tickets will cost you Rs 20/- each person, and if you wish to climb up to the treehouse, you will get free access, which will cost you Rs 40/-.

Carignano Nature Park 

When Craigneno Nature Park releases the youngsters, they will find a cornucopia of things to explore, such as a swarm of colorful butterflies to chase after, cricket noises, and various sound-imitating birds to observe and learn about. One of the most calming things you can do to replenish your batteries is to soak in the tub while listening to the sounds of birds singing nearby.

A little flower garden with a Buddha statue smack in the middle of it attracts many visitors who come to enjoy the fresh air and landscape by laying down a picnic blanket. The alluring aroma of flowers, as well as the icy-coated house with strings hanging from it, attract you to make this your permanent residence here. You may take in the surroundings while soaking up the sun on one of the beautiful pebble-laden walkways.

It never loses its natural freshness since it is surrounded by lush green meadows and a pleasant and tidy environment, indicative of its status as an ecologically conscious park. In conjunction with the Rotary Club Shimla Midtown, the park provides visitors with a litter bag that they may use to dispose of all types of trash and help keep the surrounding area clean.

The best season or time of year Winters

As the weather becomes colder, it presents a fantastic chance to participate in various mind-boggling activities. As a result, the months of October and November through February and March may be the finest times to explore the tranquil Craignano Nature Park.

Travelling Suggestions

This is an ecologically friendly park, and the Himachal Government is especially strict about ensuring the park’s pollution-fighting standards. 

You must first pay Rs 100 as a refundable security deposit to have a jute bag. You may use it to store food, water bottles, and other supplies while also contributing to the cleanliness of the surrounding region. Because there is no cafeteria on the premises of Craignano National Park, you will need to bring your food, drinks, and snacks.

Activities to Participate In

This site has beautiful picnic spots. Trails leading to the treehouse have pebbles, providing a tranquil setting to rest and enjoy the view. The treehouse is, without a doubt, the most notable feature of this location. The tranquillity of the location makes it possible to relax and listen to the soul-refreshing chirping of the birds, which is a beautiful experience.

This area has a small lake with a continual flow of water. Your children will be able to identify the many types of fish in the region, and you will all be able to sit on the surrounding wooden benches and enjoy the peace and quiet of the environment together.

There is no entry cost for children to maintain the park’s focus on children’s play. They will certainly be able to run about and play hide and seek in this natural playground, which is an excellent learning environment. However, the exhilaration of the slides, swings, merry-go-round, and monkey bars will leave them speechless on the opposite side of the spectrum. You may have a lot of fun with your children by participating in fishing, rock climbing, and rappelling.

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