Rohtang Manali

Rohtang pass is the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh. The Rohtang Manali Pass is a natural divide between the humid Kullu Valley, which has a mainly Hindu culture, and high altitude Lahaul and Spiti Valleys, which are especially Buddhist. Rohtang pass pass is located 51 km (approx) away from Manali and, at a height of 3980 meters, on Manali Keylong highway. Rohtang pass is situated on the Pir Panjal Mountain Range of the Himalayas. It is the perfect picturesque spot for travellers.

Rohtang Manali is one of the eye-catching destinations in the entire Kullu circuit. It is a slopy mountain and a very beautiful pass. A huge amount of travellers come from every part of the country. There are many adventure activities also available in that place such as skiing, ice-skating, paragliding, etc. The Rohtang pass is open for tourists once a year from April to October for that you need to take permission to travel on this highway. It is given by the Indian army.

Why Travellers Come To Visit

The Rohtang Manali pass is the common road that connects to Leh Ladakh via Manali. There are (approx) 25 lac travellers who come to visit every year only in between April and October. Otherwise hardly anyone comes to visit during the winters because the complete pass is covered with hard snow. It is a place that is perfect for nature lovers and adventure junkies who love to experience sports such as skiing, skating, paragliding, snow scootering, and more. There is a place near Rohtang pass well known by the name the Sonapani Glacier and the twin peak of Gaypan which is famous for its extensive view and peaceful place. This place serves you precious moments in the lap of hills. Tourists also visit a place Beas Kund, the source of the Beas River and a holy site for Hindus as the same is easily accessible from the Rohtang Pass.

There is no option to stay on Rohtang Manali pass unless you have your own tent. weather you can find many options to stay at Kullu or Manali. But still, so many tourists come to Himachal Pradesh to soak their souls on the Rohtang pass.

Tour details

  • Best time to visit March, April, May & June
  • Ideal Duration from Delhi 3-4 Days
  • Minimum Budget INR 5000
  • Website

Best Places To Visit In Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Khoksar is a small village located in Lahul Tehsil of Lahul and Spiti district, Himachal Pradesh, with a total of 18 families residing there.

Rehana waterfall is one of the best tourist attractions on the Leh-Manali Highway in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The Atal Tunnel built under the Rohtang Pass with the world’s longest single tube highway tunnel. Situated an altitude above 10,000 ft.

Manali is a town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali offers magnificent view of snow capped mountains.

It is located 13 km from Manali. Solang Valley is nestled away between the Beas Kund and Solang Village.

Chandra River and Bhaga River Confluence (Sangam) Chandra flows in from the southeast, and Bhaga flows in from the north east. The combined river is called Chandra Bhaga Sangam.

Tandi is a prominent village located at Keylong in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at an elevation of 2573 m.

Keylong is a town and the administrative centre of the Lahaul and Spiti districts in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, and it is 71 km north of Manali via the Atal Tunnel and 120 km from the Indo-Tibetan border.

It is a village in Lahaul, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, and is located 22 km north of Keylong and 7 km south of Darcha, along the Manali-Leh Highway and the Bhaga river.

The Sri Trilokinath Ji Temple is in a village of name 6 km south of the left bank of the Chenab River in the Lahul and Spiti Districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Here Are Some of the Most Popular Rohtang Pass Tour Packages

Top Adventures In Rohtang Pass

How To Apply for Permit

It is important to take a permit while travelling to the Rohtang Manali pass. The permit restriction was enforced by the NGT in 2011. For any vehicle travelling on Manali via Rohtang pass in any direction to it. No permission is required if you are travelling from Keylong to Kaza side to Rohtang Manali pass. There is so much confusion among tourists when applying for permits. Every year they change the rules for applying for that permit.

The Natural environment and climatic spices of Rohtang pass are getting hurt due to the large number of vehicles Going to Rohtang Manali pass during the peak timing because that step is taken by the NGT. Is not only that but some activities like horse-riding, snow-biking, paragliding, and snow scooters or any kind of commercial activities are also banned at Rohtang, Solang, and Marhi in that area.

Only an Eco-friendly market of 20 shops you can see in Marhi to provide basic food needs to Himachal tourism.

There are two ways to get a permit for the Rohtang pass. You can take it from the SDM office in Manali. Another way to get It is by applying online. Both permits are issued on the same day according to the limited quota of the total no. of vehicles allowed.

  • Your vehicle’s pollution under control certificate,
  • Your vehicle’s registration certificate, 
  • your driving licence.

All vehicles are required to pay Rs. 500 as a permit fee.

Congestion charge of Rs. 50. It can be varied for buses and heavy motor vehicles that are Rs 100.

It is issued on a first-come, first-served basis.You have applied 6 days prior to going to Rohtang Pass.

  • Go to the web portal
  • There are 4 options available on the portal.
  • Choose what kind of permit you want.
  • Submit the documents.
  • Pay the fee. You will get the permit.

How To Reach Rohtang Pass

Via Air

The nearest airport for the Rohtang Pass is Bhunter. That is 104 kilometers away from the Rohtang Pass. Manali also comes in the same way, so if you are coming by air, you can stay in any hotel or resort.

Via Train

The closest train station to Manali is Ambala Cantt, which is 200 km away. After that you can take a car to reach Rohtang Pass.

Via Road

Rohtang Pass is well connected to the roads. It starts from Manali to Leh via Rohtang Pass to Keylong. You can also hire a private cab for you.

Best Time To Visit Rohtang Pass

The best time to visit the Rohtang Pass is from May to October, because at that time the road to Ladakh and Spiti is also open.


It is ideal to visit the Rohtang Pass from May to June & October to November.


During October, the start temperature begins to drop before the Rohtang Pass is closed.


The temperature in Rohtang Pass is lower than in Manali due to the higher elevation.

During the monsoon season, Rohtang Pass weather is so unpredictable because of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

F&Q’s Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is famous because this place offers beautiful sights of glaciers, peaks, Lahaul Valley, and the Chandra River.

The Rohtang Pass” is named after the high-mountain pass to Lahaul with Kullu Valley. This is the only passable point between these two valleys. Rohtang has a lot of importance in the lives of the people of Lahaul. It was made by the gods.

The best months to visit the Rohtang Pass is May to June and October to November.

Rohtang Pass is no doubt one of the most scenic places in the Himalayas. If you come season’s time, you need to prepare for two to three hours of traffic jams and toxic exhaust.

Due to the number of people who lost their lives trying to cross the Rohtang Pass, called the Valley of Death.

Yes, there are some glaciers where snow is available for the entire year. Rani Nala is 40 km from Manali. The main attraction for tourists at Rohtang Pass.

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