Are you in search of a place that is home to an aesthetic Historic location, wildlife, and fauna in Himachal then, you are at the right place? In this blog we will   learn about Pooh Kinnaur, a district in Himachal Pradesh with amazing tourist attractions and crazy things to do.  

About Pooh Kinnaur

Pooh Kinnaur is a town located in the district Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh, famous for its apricot orchards and adventure roads situated at a height of 2662 Km. 

The town is located near NH 22, which links to main Kinnaur and nearest airport Shimla airport. 

It is also surrounded by panoramic villages like Chitkul, and even a close spot to Prashar Lake.

A lake known for its moving Island.

Geography, Culture & its People

Geographically like rest of Himachal Pradesh is a cold region with harsh winter climate and hilly region situated at high altitude, but what makes it geographically different is it has long road stretches that are suitable for bike riding and long car drives. 

Culturally, it has been a birth land for best of best sages of Hinduism, and predominantly you will come across one or the other temples around this area. The inhabitants that you may come across are tribal Himachali inhabitants that follow matriarchal social systems or matrilineal, these are known as gaddis and non-tribal inhabitants that you mostly find across the new Himachal area and rest of India. Like the rest of tourist attractions, you will see less Tibetan inhabitants. There are ample monasteries to be glance at. 

Pooh Village Kinnaur
Pooh Village Kinnaur

History of Pooh Kinnaur

Pooh was home to an ancient Buddhist deity Dablo, which mysteriously has no trace of evidence across the Salang valley. Pooh was a Tibetan town from ages and was found to be the most Tibetan speaking village in 1910. 

The Buddhist worship Here dates to 10th to 11th century BC, and a prominent ancient temple of Lord Buddha exists in the form of ruin, with its wooden cravings and Buddhist painting on the doors of the temple. 

Pooh Highlights


  • Enter Kinnaur gate: The Kinnaur gate is the main highlight for its scary narrow road running through a natural tunnel situated at a height of 6816 m above the sea level.
  • Visit Suicide Point: Odd but thrilling the Suicide point is amazing location to view sunsets and catch glimpse of Vicinity of the city
  • Motorbike In Chitkul:  Motorbiking stretch in Chitkul village is an amazing experience of panoramic landscape that runs through lush green valleys, and vast roads with less hilly turns. 
  • See Mysterious Floating Island: Prashar Lake, one of the mysteries of Himachal, the floating Island situated near the Prashar Temple, Mandi in Lake Prashar moves itself, despite around the Lake Prashar weather varies from heavy rainfall to chilling winters. There is no trace of its slightest dissolution till date. 
  • Take a Jungle walk: Jungle walk is a hiking and adventure Jungle, but you can; across the stretch of green terrain and enjoy the fresh air at a very high altitude, The view from the top most peak is gorgeous and panoramic to give you a glimpse of the unique birds around Kinnaur. 

Pooh Overview

Pooh is a village situated in Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh = sharing border with the Tibet region in China. The state is a home to Tibetan, Hindu culture, and apricot orchard bed. 

 The village is close to the best motorbiking roads in Chitkul and close to rivers and first with beautiful wildlife. 

How to reach Pooh Village ?
How to reach Pooh Village ?

How to reach Pooh Kinnaur?

In order to reach pooh you can follow route via Rampur, Shimla from if you are from Chandigarh and for Delhi follow same route via Chandigarh.

The best time to Visit Pooh Kinnaur

Best time to visit Pooh depends on the season you want to travel. The temperature in March is compatible for a good winter excursion, as temperature is less harsh i.e., -1 that is the least harsh climate for winters. In Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. 

Pooh Village Kinnaur
Pooh Village Kinnaur

Top 5 crazy Things to do in Pooh

Pooh Kinnaur is an amazing place and driveway for every kind of driver from the rugged edgy pathway of Kinnaur gate to the smooth road of Chitkul to go on bike dates. Or to have a flavor of oddly satisfying Suicide point of the Kinnaur. Let us dive to explore things you can do in pooh Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh 

  • Motor bike on Chitkul road: Chitkul is a Village nearby, Pooh Kinnaur, the village is known for vast stretch of green landscape, Idealistic stretch for rugged big rider who like going on Bike rides with their bike clubs 
  • Take a Jungle walk: Jungle walk is a hiking and adventure Jungle, but you can; across the stretch of green terrain and enjoy the fresh air at a very high altitude, The view from the top most peak is gorgeous and panoramic to give you a glimpse of the unique birds around Kinnaur. 
  • Visit Narayan-Nagini Temple: Kalpa a Village situated near Pooh Kinnaur, has a significant role in Hindi epic Mahabharata and is said to have, The Narayan-Nagini Temple is an epitome of wooden carving art, the defined craving on the wooden walls of temple display the aesthetics of strong and graceful ancient architecture. 
  • Suicide point: Suicide point is a Bizarre but beautiful, Hill top, as by its name, it is fatal place to be, but Kinnaur municipality and Himachal government has use d it as a potential point for the tourist spot by building a ground. Platform so that you can come over and take picture of the beautiful sky that hovers over the Kinnaur District. 
  • Drive through Kinnaur gate: The Kinnaur gate is the entrance point to enter Kinnaur District. The gateway is like a hollow cave or tunnel with a narrow road running through it. The gate is at an altitude of 6816 m above the sea level. 
  • Visit Gigantic Kamru Fort: Kamru fort is a fort Near Pooh village, Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh, is one of the oldest temples around the world. It has 5 storey temples with the all 33 crore Hindu deities residing Inside. It is considered the holiest shrine in Hinduism. 
  • Visit Prashar Lake and temple:  one of the mysteries of Himachal, the floating Island situated near the Prashar Temple, Mandi in Lake Prashar moves itself, despite around the Lake Prashar weather varies from heavy rainfall to chilling winters. There is no trace of its slightest dissolution till date

Not just the floating Island and Lake, but the temple itself raises the curiosity of architects. The temple is made up of woods with beautiful carving and wooden tubes hanging like a wind around the roof. These cylindrical wooden hangings produce subtle enchanting music. 

 Pooh Itinerary 

Enter Kinnaur from Kinnaur Gate and travel your way to Pooh. visit the mesmerizing village and enjoy the natural beauty. Next day, travel your way to Kalpa and Via Salang Valley Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh,

Take a Jungle walk near Salang Valley and then accommodate yourself in Chini Village for the next day. Day 3 visit Narayana Nagini Temple and Suicide Point in Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh. After visiting both the spots, travel to Chitkul, hire a bike to Have fun with your bike squad. 

After a tiring biking session, book accommodation in a Lodge or hotel nearby and travel to Mandi to Visit Prashar Temple and Prashar Lake to see the mysterious Island. 

Pooh Temperature

 Pooh Kinnaur weather and temperature gradually shift from warm too cold throughout the year so to state an average temperature will not do justice to the place. Though The temperature gradually turns from warm to cold, gradually.  You can expect from 1 to -1 degree Celsius in march, and 26 to 27 degrees in October, the best time to experience pleasant springy weather and autumn flair. 

The best time to visit Pooh  

  • January: The harsh winter month with temperature lower below -5 degree almost throughout the month.  You Can expect snowfall but they are accompanied by the storms. 
  • February: The month comes with a gradual increment with the lowest temperature being – 8 degree Celsius and highest 0 degree Celsius. 
  • March: Is an absolute spring in the Kinnaur with the slightly cold temperature ranging from 5 to -3 
  • April: The summer month is also slightly colder with the highest temperature of February being the lowest temperature this month. 
  • May: The month in Pooh Kinnaur is a transition from colder to warm temperature lowest being the 3 degrees Celsius and highest 17 degree Celsius. The weather seems springy and breezy, to enjoy. 
  • June; The month of June in Pooh Kinnaur Is the hottest month till the 3-rd. week of the month. The highest temperature is 19 degrees Celsius. 
  • July: July is rainy, though hot but receives a high amount of rain which balances the heat, but still pose risk of landslides.
  • August: The showers become coarser and coarser as we transition to August and the rain is heavy and it rains every second day. It is highly not a recommended month to travel. 
  • September: September is the month with least hassle. You get to roam in 20-degree hot temperature, slightly breezy atmosphere. 
  • October; It is a slight transition to the cold weather, with autumn bliss and temperature ranging from 12 to 0 degree Celsius.
  • December: Just like February, it is not a conducive month for a winter visit the temperature does not rise above 0 degree Celsius. 
Pooh Village Himachal
Pooh Village Himachal

Where to stay In Pooh Kinnaur

  • Hotel Reo Purguil: hotel situated in Nako village alongside Nako River Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh, which is an Hour and 11 minutes’ drive from Pooh Kinnaur the hotel has great hospitality service. The charges range from 2000 to 2300 INR/ night. 
  • Chini Bungalow: Chini Bungalow is a rest house, with a hospitable host, situated around the apple tree garden. It is near Chaka trek base Camp in Kalpa. Which is an hour and half drive from Pooh Kinnaur. Being a rest house, it has less about 1000/Night INR. 
  • Hotel Kinnaur: Zostel Kinnaur is a Hostel cum Hotel with facilities to employees who want to work and travel at the same time. The hotel comes with spacious parking, Sleek study space and a lavish room with a pleasing view. The price will be High up to 2322 to 3000 INR/Night. 
  • Highway Inn: The Highway Inn reflects the attribute of European design, is a 45 minutes driveway from Pooh Kinnaur.  The Inn itself is on the highway to Kinnaur. The Inn looks wonderful in winters and reflects the style of British raj hospitality. 

Short Itinerary & Route

  • DAY 1: Enter Kinnaur Gate and Visit POOH village
  • DAY 2:  Retrace Path to Kinnaur gate and move to Salang valley 
  • DAY 3 : Take a Jungle Trek and Camp 
  • DAY 4: Move to Kapla and visit Suicide point and temples nearby 
  • DAY 5: Move to Chitkul and go on bike ride 
  • DAY 6: Visit Prashar Lake and temple 
  • DAY 7: travel back to Pooh, stay and prepare to go back to Delhi from Shimla. 

Distance ➖Chandigarh, Delhi, Shimla.

  • Shimla to Pooh distance: 153 Km 
  • Chandigarh to Pooh distance: 263 Km 
  • Delhi to Pooh distance: 497 Km 

Helpful Travel Tips

  • Avoid traveling in rainy and harsh winter seasons 
  • Carry an Adhar card for your hotel stay. 
  • Do take a professional driver especially for going through Kinnaur gate. 
  • Do not go near the river, they can be highly unpredictable. 
  • When you are on Jungle trek near Kalpa, do associate yourself with a camp base nearby for a safer experience. 

Travel Essential

You will need a cardigan and sweaters in case you are on a winter excursion here, and full sleeve outfits and jeans if you are traveling here in the summer month. Also, carry your Identification card, such as voter or Aadhar card.

So now pack your bags and plan your trip to Kinnaur, for more such content keep coming here.