Shali Tibba Trek is the infallible trek in Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its perfect beauty, with the highest peak in Shimla and near Mashobra. The Shali Trek attracts many travelers throughout the year. It also serves one of the best panoramic 360-degree views of Himachal Pradesh. Shali Trek is located at an altitude of 9423 feet above sea level. If you come for shali trek this trek is welcoming you by the valley of blue pine and cedar forest.

Shila Tibba Trek is heaven for hustlers who want to take a nap from the rushy lives of cities. That’s why it’s is lil bit away from Shimla.  Surrounded by the towns of Shimla, Mashobra, Kufri, Fagu, and Narkanda, this mountain is the highest in the area. The trail to Shali passes through a serene and picturesque valley covered in a mixture of blue pine and cedar trees. Shali Top is a short and simple day hike away from the hustle and bustle of Shimla. It’s the perfect hike for a leisurely Saturday or Sunday in Shimla.

Location: Shali Tibba trek is located at the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh, which is the northern state of India. Towards right behind the mashobra If you are coming from the Shimla you have to take a drive for 2.30 hrs to khatnot village of Shimla. After that, the same road will lead you to the base camp of shali tibba trek.

Pick up from hotel: 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM. : If you are planning to do shali tibba trek you have you take a leave from the hotel early. So, that you can able to complete it by end of the same day. 

Travel to Hike starting point: 2.5 hrs drive to village Khatnol. The base camp of this hike is start from the khatnol village. And before that, you have to come from the shimla city of Himachal Pradesh. 

Trek Length: 12 km. It starts from the khatnol village the distance to shali tibba is approx 6 pm one way.

Shali Tibba Trek

History of Shali Top & Shali Tibba Trek 

At the top of the Shali Trek, meaning at the peak of Shali Hill, there is a temple that is dedicated to Bhima Kali, a deity. Bhima Kali is highly popular among the locals. Devotees came here on a regular basis, especially during the Navratri days. The temple is built with materials from the ruler’s architecture in the Himalayas, such as wood and stones. The way to the temple was constructed in 1936 by the king of Faridkot. which still exists in the same form as before.

Itinerary Shimla – Shali Tibba – Shimla (Same Day)

Altitude: 9,523 feet
Time took: 5-6 hours
Distance: 7 km each way

After arriving in Shimla, you start your trek to drive to Khatnol. When you reach the Khatnol, you can start your trek to Shali Tibba. While finishing a trek at Shali Tibba, you are mesmerized by the variety of Himalayan ranges.  with the visit to Bhima Kali Temple. You can have lunch or some munchies to enjoy here.

You must return to Khatnol before you can experience dusk or sunset because that is a dense forest area with no locality. It also increases the risk of ruminating wild animals. It will most likely take you less time to return to Khatnol village now. After that, you can drive to Shimla with a variety of adventurous memories. 

Itinerary Shimla – Shali Tibba – Shimla (01 Night 02 Day)

Day -1 Shimla to Khatnol – Shali Tibba

Your journey starts when you arrive in Shimla. After that, your trek will start with an early morning drive of approximately 48 km to Khatnol. which takes 2.5 hours from your day. The journey from Shimla to Khatnol covers some places, such as driving via Dhali, Mashobra, Baldiyan, Thaila, and Sahol. This is the only stand-alone hill that is surrounded by the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh.

After reaching Khatnol, you can see the road leading to the mountain ridge. And there is also a signboard with directions to Bhim Kali Temple. the highest point of Shali Tibba, the way to the ridge, and the Himachal forested area. On the way to the ridge, you can clearly hear many other bird species chirping. It’s only 2 kilometers long, and once you get to the end, there’s only room for 5 to 7 cars. After that stone-laden trail going up the hill, there is a clear path, but snow can make it difficult to follow in the winter.

You will reach the Shili Trek’s peak after trekking through the dense forest.  From here, you can soothe your eyes with a spectacular view of the valley and the hills of the mountains. Just above a few steps. There is a Bhima Kali temple. You will then return to the Shali Temple’s entrance. Here are a number of huts constructed for pilgrims to spend the night. After that, you just have to take a few steps more before you reach the temple. The Shali Tibba, which is the highest point on the trail, is the most anticipated part of these trips.

From here, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Great Himalayan Ranges. Starting from the Kullu side, go to the Sail Hills of Lahaul Spiti.

On a clear day, you can see the peaks of Uttarakhand, as well as Bandarpoonch, Rakht Dhar, and Badrinath.

After spending some time at the temple and at the top, enjoying the panoramic view of Himachal Pradesh, you can stay at the temple, but you should talk to the caretaker of the temple for arrangements because there is no availability of water throughout the trek. Otherwise, you need to take care of that as well, so it is a good idea to carry your water, sleeping bags, and food as well.

 Day 2 Shali Tibba -Khatnol – Shimla

After spending the night at Shali Peak, you return to Khatnol the next morning with a beautiful sunrise and breakfast. If you walk, it will only take you two hours to get back to Khatol. After reaching Khatnol, you can take a drive to Shimla. Continue your departure toward your home in Delhi or Chandigarh. You can also choose to spend the night in Shimla in comfort. 

How to Reach Shali Tibba ?
How to Reach Shali Tibba ?

How can I get to Shali Tibba?

If you want to go to Shimla, you have to come through Shimla.

  • Shimla to Khatnol Village

After reaching Shimla, you have to take a drive to Khatnol village in Himachal Pradesh. This is approximately 48 kilometers (approximately) from the city of Shimla.  It takes 2.5 hours from your day.

You can also book a private cab to get to Khatnol village.  When you finish your journey, that cab will be waiting for you.

There are also buses available, but only on a very limited basis. However, Real Himachal never recommends taking the bus. We  don’t want you to cause any problems. 

  • Khatnol to Shali Tibba Trek

You can begin the Shali Tibba Trek once you arrive in Khatnol village. It is only about 7 kilometers (approximately) one way. It is a simple, beginner-friendly hike that takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Shali Tibba
Shali Tibba

Best time to visit on Shali Tibba trek

The best time to visit the Shali Tibba Trek is from March to December. Do not pass up the opportunity to see everything from the top of Shali Tibba. These are the best times for photography and the outdoors because of the Shali Tibba weather.

Details on the Shali Tibba Trail and Where to Stay Is there any other option for staying at Shali Tibba Trek?

The Shali Tibba Trek is in the middle of a dense forest, which makes it an even more memorable experience. The forest is also a palace for wildlife. That is why true Himalayans advise you not to attempt the trek alone.

There is no accommodation at Shali Tibba Trek. because there are no hotels or guesthouses. There is only a sarai option (a hall that is built by the temple community) that is available for emergencies. If you want to stay at night, you have to get permission from the temple priest. Note: That’s why Real Himachal suggests you complete the trek on the same day.

Trail Information

Here are the details of how the path of this shali trek will look. 

The path ascends in a succession of scribbling zigzags. The climb is not sudden but rather slow. Nevertheless, we suggest you go straight up the hill to your left. Fifteen minutes was all it took for us to make it to the top of the first hill through the shortcut.

After this point, the trail levels out for about 10 minutes as it winds through dense forest.

Both of the other trails branch off to the right, while one head straight ahead. However, if you’re the kind to find value in cutting corners, you may use the path up the hill that branches off to your right. A shaky path through the underbrush will have to do. You can save yourself around 10 minutes of time by following the shortcut to the point where the two trails converge again. From here, you can see a valley off to your right and a forest floor far below.

The path now passes under Shali Tibba’s southeastern face. The climb is easy, with several relatively flat sections. The woodland is denser here than it will be for the rest of the hike. After another 15 minutes of hiking, you’ll come to a section where the trail twists and turns like a series of scissor blades. From this point forward, the climb is extremely steep.

Three distinct stages make up the ascent. If you keep hiking straight up the hill for 15 minutes, you’ll come to a tiny clearing. Above you, the thick forest completely blocks any view of the peak. straight up the mountain for another. After that, you’ll reach a similar area. 

The only difference this time is that the cleaned area is obviously much smaller. Throughout this entire journey, you will be following the path that has been meticulously laid out for you. A further fifteen to twenty minutes of ascent will bring you to the trail’s junction, by which time it will be significantly wider. The steepest section of the hike is now behind you, and the rise will be gentle from here on out. 

Shali Tibba
Shali Tibba

As you walk up to the entrance of the Shali Temple, you’ll see an old bell hanging above the threshold. Head up the cement steps until you reach a little plateau. There are two brick huts here for travelers to rest in. There are presently roughly fifty stairs up to the temple.

On top of the mountain, the temple stands out among other buildings. Its name is Shali Tibba, and this is where I live.

Shrikhand ranges and Kinnaur side peaks, including Mt. Hansbeshen, Mt. Krunshikring, and the Churdhar range on the Chopal side, come next. 

On a clear day, it is also possible to see the peaks of Uttarakhand, including Bandarpoonch, Rakht Dhar, and Badrinath.

Take in the breathtaking vista of the Himalayas. From the Kullu side, you can see Deo Tibba and Indrasen, and then from the Lahaul-Spiti side, you can see Sail peak.

Clothes & Accessories

  • Things you should carry during the trek
  • Your identity card or proof
  • Water Bottle & carry 2 liters of water because there is no other way to keep hydrated during the trek 
  • Carry a cap or hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses if you are conscious of your body to protect it from sun damage.
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer, light towel, and lip balm to protect it from sunburn.
  • Raincoat and poncho
  • You will be hiking and camping at very high altitudes, so make sure to dress warmly. In light of the weather forecast, be careful to pack appropriately warm and cool weather attire. When venturing to higher elevations, it is recommended that you dress in at least three layers of warm clothing.
  • A camera if you want to capture all the moments of shali peak.

Don’t Forget 

  • It is recommended to bring a lunch because there are few options for food or other services during the hike, as it is located a distance from the nearest town.
  • It’s best to wear something that won’t cause you any discomfort on the trail (like sarees, etc).
  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke before or during the hike.
  • Please help the environment by properly discarding plastics.
  • The terrain on this journey is very varied and in places may be very difficult, so be sure to bring a sturdy pair of trekking shoes. In some months, snow may be on the way. Athletic footwear will not cut it for comfort.
  • Daypack (40-60 liters): One that has straps and a frame to keep everything in place is a backpack. A waterproof backpack cover is a must.

Mandatory Personal Medical Kit: 

Real Himachal suggests that you bring your own medical kit with you. This kit should include prescription medicines as well as first-aid supplies and sunscreen.


How long is Shali Tibba Trek?

Shali Tibba hill, in the Himalayan region of Khatnol village, rises to an altitude of 2,873 meters above sea level. It towers over all other nearby peaks and forms the highest point in the Shimla District. In Himachal, the hike to Shali Tibba is 12 kilometers long and is considered to be moderately hard.