Solang valley is the epitome of snowy winter excursion, A perfect for family outing. It attracts tourists around the states, because of the age-inclusive activities. Not just limiting itself for romantic couples, but also including opportunities to experience platonic relationships, like a girl’s trip with girlfriends  or bros bash with your boy’s gang. 

The inclusivity doesn’t stop there, senior citizens and kids can also enjoy tripping here as much as adults. 

So come let’s learn about Slong valley and the top ten activities we can do here.

About Solang valley: 

Solang valley is a lush green valley, 13 km away from Manali, situated on the hilltop of Kullu valley. The valley initially was a skiing  spot for winter sport enthusiasts, but over the course of time it has been a favorite spot for adventure lovers. 

Initial tourism department of the Himachal introduced zorbing to attract visitors in summers. Now in 2023, we have various activities to do in Solang valley, like ATF ride, river rafting and river jumping etc. 

Geographical features of Solang valley 

Solang valley is a lush green valley that exists between Solang village and Beas kund. The valley has its highest peaks at 2591 meters above sea level. It is covered with snow in the chilling winter of January (below -12°C), and  turns into a heavenly garden in the spring month of march ( 11°C  average). 

History of Solang valley 

The Solang village and Solang valley have no mythological history, but near Solang valley there is a village  called Visisth, which is home to the most brilliant sage of Hindu Mythology. 

Solang  came into picture when films like krrish and Jab we met were recorded in Manali. 

Since then, it has been a fantasy for the Indian continent. For most of the 90’s  era and mid 20’s it was a romantic point for couples. After the movies like Yeh Jawanni hai Dewwani was shooted, it became a destination to fulfill many friendship goals. 

Solang Valley Manali
Solang Valley Manali

Culture practices in Solang valley 

The Peak of Solang valley is untouched by the commercial lifestyle of cities.  It is completely unique and distinct from the rest of the Indian states, and it exudes retro elegance. 

The Shiva worship is the dominant practice of the Solang village, it is surrounded by vasisth and bijli Mahadev temple. 

Some streaks of Tibetan culture can be seen when you move towards the Rohtang Pass, Manali.

How To Reach Solang Valley ?
How To Reach Solang Valley ?

How to reach Solang Valley 

If you want to fly to Solang, the nearest airport is in Bhuntar, which is 63 kilometers away. Take a flight from Delhi airport to Bhuntar. Prepaid taxis can be found at the Bhuntar airport to take you to Manali or Solang. The taxi fare would be between Rs. 4000 and 5000, depending on your arrival time and negotiating skills.

For Chandigarh, the road route will be similar to that of Delhi but shorter. For Delhite route to manali go via Chandigarh. 

Why should you visit Solang valley? 

Solang valley is a picturesque destination surrounded by lush green beauty. It has been a   family picnic location, wherein every member of the family has something to enjoy. 

The Adventure sport here will transport you into a world of adventurers and thrill. 

Who can go to Solang valley? 

Everybody can go to Solang valley, it’s an age-inclusive location to have fun with family , friends and lovers. Solang valley welcomes everyone with open arms. The inhabitants here are warm and sweet. You can indulge in some meaningful conversation as well. They will also guide you what to see in Solang valley and budget-friendly places near the Solang village you must visit. 

Solang Valley Manali
Solang Valley Manali

Things to do in Solang Valley

After, Constantly attracting visitors it has now gained attention of the families living  in Delhi , chandigarh, punjab and Haryana. It has been a family picnic and adventure sport location. 

Film your Paragliding experience

Paragliding is one of the top adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh and one of the most thrilling things to do in Solang Valley in the summer. It costs you 2500 rs for paraglide and 500 extra charges to just film it. 

Turn kids with kids 

You must have seen the moment in Mickey Mouse, when goofy hurls down the hill trapped in a transparent ball, this is zorbing. Now, you can Fulfill your childhood dream with your kids. 

Zipline like pro Detective

You must have noticed these iconic moments in Hollywood movies. Some detectives cross buildings or get into the house with an axle attached to a rope. Well, you can get this thrill here. 

Zipline is an activity, where you are attached to rope with an attached axel, which takes you downwards along the rope. 

River jumping challenge

It is a new adventure challenge introduced in Solang valley for water lovers. You are attached to a rope like a zipline, but here you have to cross the river on a shaking rope. It’s a  cheap thrill you can afford for 100 bucks; moreover , the cold water touching your feet in summers is a bliss.

Get one with shiva 

One way to Solang there is a  waterfall, Anjali Mahahdev waterfall. The waterfall falls directly on Shivling. It is a moment of bliss  for Madadev Bhakt. 

Ride rugged on ATV

You can go to Anjali Mahahdev either by foot or through ATV on a rocky route. It gets a rugged feel, no matter if you take front or  just take a backseat. 

Play with the winds

Somewhere between Rohtang pass and Solang valley you can get on the hills and enjoy the thrilling gust brushing through your hair. 

Clubhouse of fun 

The clubhouse is a newly introduced activity taking your kids into consideration. Your kids will love the  clubhouse, there are various enjoyable rides, swings and sports for the kids. The clubhouse also has some local shops attached to it . 

Dine in along river

It  is an ultimate stress-buster, that you must consider. The peaceful dine in, riverside restaurants to enjoy dine-in amidst nature. 

Solang Valley Manali
Solang Valley Manali

The Best time to visit Solang valley? 

The Best time to visit Solang valley is the month of march and month of december (Probably nr=ew year eve). The month of March is the month  of spring and December is the month of bearable winters. People from all over India flock to kere in new year eve for new year celebration.

Weather in Solang valley 

Solang Valley is a cold region, with an amiably warm summer and harsh winters. The  lowest temperature noted till date is 12 degree celsius and highest 27 degree celsius. 

The winters in Solang Valley 

Solang valley  is fully snow clad in the winter month of January. The temperature often drops below -10 degree celsius, December and february are comparatively more suitable for winter excursions. The temperature this month can drop to -7 degrees ( only  in the worst case scenario). 

Spring in Solang valley 

March is the only month of spring here. The temperature is moderate with pleasant sunshine. 

Summer in Solang Valley 

The summer months are very short here. The summer months are from April to may. The weather is warm, not hot. The temperature here does not exceed above 27 degree celsius. 

Rainy season in Solang valley 

The  rainy months of July,August and september. Yes, even September receives enough rainfall, at least till mid-september.

Autumn in Solang valley 

October and November can be called autumn months, you won’t get the Hollywood autumn vibe, but pleasant weather and an off-season discount. The months are less warm than summer months, but not the spring months. 

Accommodation nearby Solang valley 

To enjoy all the adventurous activities in Solang valley, you need to book a comfortable resort. 

For the same we have handpicked some resort that are at comfortable location:- 

Hotel hill top 

The hotel hilltop is a resort built in the outskirts of Manali. It is away from the hustle and bustle of town, with a beautiful view. It has an open which gives you a broader view of the city. 

Iceland resort 

Iceland resort is actually a guesthouse situated closest to the Solang valley, attached to the Solang market. 

Palcon  transit camp

Palcon transit camp  between Burwa and Bhang village, It is a campsite for campfire lovers, You can also camp and enjoy camping amidst woods and have conversation around campfire. 

Namaste inn vashisht 

Namaste inn  is a rest house located in Vashisht village, near Beas kund. You can enjoy the beauty of the riverside location. 

Where to eat in Solang valley? 

Solang valley is an adventure hub, after so much adventure you need to munch something. Here, are some restaurants you may love to visit:-

Cafe 1947

Cafe 1947 is famous and a must visit cafe. It is for everyone. You will have a good, decent and luxurious atmosphere at the same time. You can order drinks, mocktails and  cuisine tiramisu and chicken steak. 

Rocky’s cafe 

This cafe is a match made in heaven for families. It not only has dine-in but also board games, books and an amazing view to rejuvenate the whole family.

Lazy dog Cafe 

This cafe is a match made in heaven for vegetarians. They have also turned sushi vegetarian. Their constant experiments have made them a tourist favorite.

Johnson cafe 

Jhonson cafe has a vintage or retro winter  aesthetic, because of its wine, pizza and a lot of other cuisine served here. They can turn boring zucchini into delicious bon’ appetit. 

You will lick your finger so good that it will leave your mum jealous. 

Solang Valley Manali
Solang Valley Manali

The best tourist attractions near Solang valley

If you don;t know what to see in manali, here are some most loved tourist attractions near Solang valley:- 

Atal tunnel 

Atal tunnel is a tunnel that runs through the Rohtang Pass. It’s the gateway to  Sissu, a snow point in Lahaul and Spiti valley.In summer, for people a gentle drive from Manali to Sissu is also a piece of cake. 

Jogini Falls

This beautiful area with a crystal clear water stream is nestled among temples and is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The inhabitants associate these falls with Shiv ji. 

Beas Kund

A trekking destination for daredevils, an Emerald green lake with crystal pure water located amid the huge cliffs at an elevation of 3,700 meters. The point at which the Baes river flows from the Baes glacier.

Vashisht temple 

The temple of mighty sage Vasistha. The temple is a famous pilgrim spot for the religious people. 

 Short Itinerary for Solang valley 

  • Day 1: Enter manali  and Book a stay near Vasishtha, Visit Vashisht temple  and have fun in Jogini waterfall 
  • Day 2: Reach campsite Solang valley, and Have fun in Solang valley. 
  • Day 3: Visit Sissu through Atal tunnel 
  • Day 4  have a shop and enjoy on mall road  on return 

Very first  day you can stay in Vashisht village rest houses, and visit Vashisht Temple in manali and  Jogini falls, both being close will be covered in a day. 

On the night of the first day you can go ro campsite, or if not a campsite then stay in a resort nearby valley. Next day you can fully enjoy all the amusing activities in Manali and return to campsite 

Third day, go and visit Sissu, the snow paradise in Lahaul and Spiti valley,through the atal tunnel. 

On day four, while returning, have  a look at the market near mall road, and dine in a coffee house.

Solang Valley Manali
Solang Valley Manali

ATM point and mobile connectivity

The ATm poita are easily available and all indian network works over there.Incase , of Lahaul and Spiti, you will get no ATM point and Only jio mobile connectivity, Airtel may survive but vodafone won’t.

Permits for Solang valley

You barely permit for Solang, yes for Atal tunnel it will require you to buy a 100 Rs ticket online before entering the Atal tunnel.


Distance from Delhi to Solang is  550 Km whereas via Chandigarh it’s  310 km shorter. From Kullu one should travel 2 km towards Manali, which is 13 km from Solang Valley.

The airport Bhuntar is 53 km away from Valley and Solang which falls before is 50 Km from Rohtang and Atal tunnel is120 km. further forward is Sissu in Lauhal and Spiti.

Other places like Kasol are 95 km, Nahan is 235 km and Dhalouise is 239 km, and 230 -300 km Dharamshala, Kasauli.

Travel tips for Solang valley

You need follow these essential tips to have a safe and sound trip:-

  • Do not go near the waterfall if the security or temple refrains you, there might be danger. 
  • Beas is the most unpredictable river in India . Avoid  going inside Beas kund. 
  • Please, do not make videos and click photos inside the Atal tunnel, it is strictly prohibited. 
  • Take all your identifications and permits. 
  • Better eat and leave from campsite 
  • Make sure you bargain on the mall road, to not fall for the tourist trap.
  • Do not take weaponry in the Atal tunnel.


The Solang valley trip is a great family excursion to have with your loved one, One must come here to experience quality family time in springy weather in the march and snowy weather in January.