Chandranahan Lake is a tiny body of water in Himachal Pradesh that is located at an elevation of 13,900 feet. It is the source of the River Pabbar, and for most of the excursion, you will hike beside it. The path passes through undulating meadows as well as deep woodlands and continues on to Buran Ghati Pass.

About Chandranahan Lake Trek

  • Location – 94J2+VXH, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171208, India
  • Duration:6 Days (Shimla to Shimla)
  • Best Time to Visit: MayJune, September and October
  • Level:Easy to Moderate
  • Highest Point:13900 feet
  • Temperature:(13°C to 18°C) (0°C to 7°C)

Chandranahan Lake is a destination of perfection on earth

Chandranahan Lake, situated at a height of 4,260 meters above sea level in the Pabbar Valley, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. 

One must travel 120 kilometers from Shimla to Rohru in order to get to Chandranahan Lake, which is located on the Tibetan border. It is on the road to Buran Ghati Pass where the lake is located.

The trip to Chandranahan Lake begins in a little settlement named Janglik village, which is surrounded by mountains. If you didn’t already know, the lake serves as the headwaters of the Pabbar River. The lake is held in high regard as a spiritual site.

While traveling through the town of Janglik, take note of the carpeting wildflowers, alpine woods, and beautiful meadows that the area has to offer. Trekkers will get the opportunity to see the breathtaking snow-capped mountains of Pabbarvalley.

chandranahan trek
Chandranahan Trek

The best way to go to Chandranahan Lake

It is a little village on the banks of the Pabbar River, about 500 kilometers from Delhi. Rohru is the largest town nearest to Janglik, and it is well-connected to the rest of Himachal Pradesh by road and rail. There are also direct buses from Delhi and Chandigarh to the city. When traveling from Rohru to Jangrik, it is recommended that you take a cab for the 40-kilometer trip between the two towns. 

It is also possible to use shared jeeps to Chirgaon and then another till you reach your ultimate destination in one trip. Another option is to hitchhike to your destination. A dam is being built near Jangrik, and trucks traveling there may provide you with a lift up to the dam, after which you will have to walk the remainder of the trip.

The weather at Chandranahan Lake

The greatest time to go on this walk is between May and the first week of July, and between September and the second week of October when the weather 

Chandranahan, Himachal Pradesh is nice. The handcrafted wheat that grows in front of the wooden farmhouses is the primary attraction of the walk.

Best time to visit Chandra Nahan Lake

MayJune, Sep and Oct but don’t forget to take local guide or person with you while travelling.

By the time you reach Dayara Thatch, you would have heard the roaring of the water streams and seen the snow-capped Dhauladhar Mountains.

where is chandranahan lake
Chandranahan Lake

Chandranahan Lake’s most notable features

  • Small rivulets cross your path numerous times, and you have a lot of fun boulder hopping.
  • The journey is less challenging than the previous one and is ideal for families.
  • Explore the lovely green meadows of Dayara, which are a riot of wildflowers in the springtime.
  • Janglik’s mixed woodlands are a beautiful place to walk around.
  • Eventually, you’ll come upon Chandranahan waterfall.
  • Seeing Chandranahan Lake, which is considered holy and which stays frozen for most of the year, was a memorable experience.

Itinerary of the Chandranahan Lake Trek

First Day: Shimla to Janglik (9,200 feet) (9/10 hours)

When you arrive in Shimla, you will be welcomed by a representative from our company at the bus station, and we will then go to the hamlet of Janglikh. Drive through the picturesque valley, either on the way to Khadapathar or through Narkanda and Rohru, to get to your destination. It will take around 6-7 hours to go to Janglikh. 

Second Day: Janglik to Dayara (11075 feet) (5 hours)

In the morning, we’ll go for a walk around the village. It is a gorgeous hamlet that also happens to be a historic village. After breakfast, go off on a walk to Dayara Thach. The trip takes you through dense woods, gorgeous meadows, and grassy terrain ascents before coming to an end. The hike to Dayara Thach is considered moderate in difficulty and takes around 4-5 hours.

Third Day: Dayara to Litham (11737 feet) (3 hours)

With our breakfast in hand, we set out on our hike to LithamThach, which takes us across the meadows of Mount Thach. Those who like the outdoors will find these meadows to be a paradise. After rising for 5-6 hours, you will arrive at Litham thach. While standing in front of the majestic Chandernahan waterfall, take in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. 

Fourth Day: Litham to Chandranahan Lake (13900 feet) and return (4/5 hours)

Breakfast in the early morning After breakfast, we will travel to the Seven Frozen Glacial Ponds. They are the source of the Pabbar River, which originates from these seven glacial ponds.

On the fifth Day:  Litham to Dayara (11075 feet) (3/4 hours)

After breakfast, we begin our return trip to Dayara Thach, the most beautiful location on the trail. The lengthy meadows, complete with flocks of sheep, will undoubtedly capture your imagination.

On the Sixth Day: Dayara to Janglik (9,200 feet) and Drive to Shimla (4 hours) 

The following day, after breakfast, we begin our trip back to Janglikh village. After a quick change of clothes, we go back to Shimla.

chandernahan lake
Chandernahan Lake – Real Himachal

What You Should Know

The Chandernahan Lake Trek is located on the Himalayan slopes of the south-eastern Himalayas. It is situated in the town of Rohru in the Himachal Pradesh state of Himachal Pradesh. Chandernahan Lake is not only a popular hiking destination, but it also has spiritual significance in Rohru.

Located in the town of Janglikh, in the heart of Rohru, lies the enticing temple dedicated to Devta Jakh. Even though the temple is approximately 500 years old, its architecture and design are among the most appealing features for visitors and hikers. Before visiting this ancient site, Janglikh, you will be greeted with a magnificent waterfall of around 50 meters in height, which is a sight to see.

The Chandernahan trek takes you to an elevation of around 4200 meters above sea level, and it will undoubtedly take you to the pinnacle of excitement and adventure.


There are several lovely hiking trails in the area, but this is one of the most beautiful. The Chandernahan Lake Trek is genuinely mesmerizing. It is a trekker’s paradise, with everything from sky kissing mountains, deep virgin forests, gurgling streams, and waterfalls after every 5km of the trek will leave travelers spellbound. The Chandernahan Lake Trek is a must-do for anyone interested in nature. The walk begins at the village of Janglik, which is rich in history and culture.

F&Q’s Chandranahan Lake

Chandra Nahan is a high-altitude lake in Himachal Pradesh, India, situated in the Rohru tehsil of the Shimla district at an elevation of around 4,260 m (13,980 ft) above sea level. It is the highest lake in the state. Long periods are spent surrounded by snow on this mountain, which serves as the source of the river Pabbar.
Trekking uphill is difficult. After 90 minutes of moderate elevation to the snout of the waterfall, there is a sharp hike for nearly an hour to reach the top. On the way back to Litham, there is a steep slope.
If you want to go to Chandranahan Lake, you must first travel to Rohru, 120 kilometers away from Shimla. It is on the road to Buran Ghati Pass, where the lake is located. The trip to Chandranahan Lake begins in a bit of a settlement named Janglik, surrounded by mountains.
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