Theog Himachal Pradesh is a town in Shimla, which is the capital of the beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. It Himachal Pradesh is one of the most untouched wonders of nature, People across India have recently started to visit here. 

Theog is a sweet spot after an adventure thrill. The stretch from Shimla to Theog, Himachal Pradesh. However, you can include Kufri and Fagu places to visit in your trip.

Theog is the main attraction for die-hard adventure and Theog, Shimla compliments them with a heavenly serene vibe.

It is a remote location, making its magnetic and majestic trail for travelers.

Theog In Winters
Theog In Winters

Theog Himachal Pradesh – Glimpse of Heaven

All that have immersed themselves in nature have found a sacred haven. It can be worded by legends like John Keats “The poetry of the earth is never dead”. It encourages us to explore one such trail that we can’t forget. A heaven we can experience on earth.

When you come to Theog it seems to intentionally fulfill the desire of man.  A jungle to lose oneself in, the canopy of trees that do not let sunlight touch the ground, birds that wake you with melodious music and rustling wind in the misty mountain that speak mysteries when glanced becomes a glimpse of heaven that a traveler takes back home. 

Theog Himachal Pradesh – A Cultural treasure 

Theog holds a rich ancient Indian history and is a cultural treasure. The people of Theog worship lord Shiva here. That is in the form of Lord Pashupati, as he was worshipped in the Vedic era. 

Many festivals revolve around Shiva and Pashupati Mythology. 

Even many fairs are organize from municipalities and locals. These fairs are religiously significant and fun recreational activities for locals and tourists. 

Local delicacies like Pakwans, wheat cakes fried in oil are made in large quantities.

The harvest fair or summer welcoming fair happens at the time of summer in the rest of the northern region of India. These fairs consist of large gatherings, various food shacks/stalls, clothing, offerings, games, and various adventurous rides available to have a great and cherishing time. 

We visited the fair in April. The fair was amazing, with people rejoicing and having fun riding Columbus and the Ferris wheel, eating chart, and another desi snack. We also saw a show and display of local dance and culture.

Top 5 must-visit places in Theog Himachal Pradesh 

Theog Apple Orchards
Theog Apple Orchards

There are various places in Theog, Himachal Pradesh to enjoy spiritual and mental upliftment. Here are 5 we have listed below: –


Fagu is a town near Shimla, with a large population flocking here to see apple orchards and gardens known for their soothing atmosphere. You can hear birds chirping, sweet scents hitting your nose, and peace entering your mind through the fresh garden air.

 The cost depends on your travel. If you make it to Kufri count 500 bucks to spend on reaching the station, rest on time, and distance covered. If you are just going to have street food and trek and hike, assume a fair enough 1000 more bucks to spend for 4 people.

Sainj forest trails 

Kalia Forest Rail is a fun spot where you can camp and adventure around the beds of wildflowers and Himalayan birds like Chakor, Himalayan Peahen, and Monal.

Getting through this retreat will cost you  90-110  Rs/ per head to have a ticket to this place.

Taani Jubbar lake 

Tanni Jubbar Lake is a man-made lake near Narkanda Valley known for its crystal-clear sea-green water, encircled by a dense population of pine trees. Narkanda comes after Theog. 

Fagu precedes Theog, so consider adding 1200 more bucks to reach here by taxi. The bus can do it for merely 100 bucks per person. 

The Tanni Jubbar will stand out for you, due to its beautiful fauna that complements the first as it makes it not only visually but also auditorily pleasing as well.

 Hatkoti temple:

Hatkoti temple is a temple in Theog surrounded with beautiful garden. It is a reminiscence and celebration of good over evil.

 The reincarnation goddess Durga killed Mahishasura and is worshiped as Mahishasuramardini, one who killed demon Mahesh Asur, the bullock demon that had the power to be reborn when a single drop of blood fell on earth.

As glorious as history, its garden is embellished with Himachali roses surrounding the melody of Himalayan peahen echoing in the serene atmosphere and soothing green locality.

In the month of spring, the Hatkoti temple is surrounded by devotees, who come to enjoy the festive fair to welcome summer.

Viceregal Lodge 

One of the British architectures that stayed after colonization, the Viceregal Lodge was an architectural structure of the Jacobean period which is now an Indian institute of advanced studies.  The architectural marvel is situated in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Viceregal in times of colonization was a place for all the elites of the times, the building now is a regal institute for the best minds in the world. You can enter with a ticket worth 500 bucks to experience something worth millions.

Adventure activity to Theog Himachal Pradesh 

Local Road Theog
Local Road Theog

Theog Himachal Pradesh is a serene place amidst the adventure stations in the Shimla-Theog stretch.

Hatu peak hiking 

Hatu Peak hike is an amazing unofficial trek location in Narkanda Valley, near Tani Jubbar Lake, with the blissful Hatu Devi Temple on the top. 

You can hike, which will give free-of-cost adventure thrills, and enjoy the vicinity of the town from the temple situated at 4300 heights. 

The hike is easy but as a cautionary measure try covering 3400m height by car in winter season, it would be merely 14 km to reach the top.

Greenland Nature Walk

Greenland is an untouched paradise that is situated on the way to Theog, Himachal Pradesh. 

It consists of walking trails near the NH22 highway, you can enjoy the natural beauty and weather in May-June.  It is a paradise for those who love to get their photos clicked amidst the serene and wild land. 

Travelers and campers around the world love to visit her to get in touch with nature. In recent years the population has been increasing; people love to get their photos clicked amidst the untouched landscape and usher the person in with a soothing green and calming atmosphere. 

Kalka toy trains Joy rides

The toy train from Kalka to Shimla is a wonder of joy, to enjoy with your family, and friends and make memories with loved ones. 

 The toy train is bliss in the dreadful summers, the train can be boarded at Kalka railway station. You can board a train from  Panchkula Railway station to Kalka, and from Kalka, you can cover various small towns of the hill station which goes through various scenic landscapes, and enjoy mountain views that will fill you with . 

  It will merely cost you 300 -500 Rs per person. 

Winter Trip to Kufri

A trip to Kufri might cost you 5k if you hire a driver, but would prove a worthy one, especially from January to March as it is the time of maximum snowfall in this season.

The chilling cold weather becomes an open opportunity for winter sports and having a great fun time with the family, especially the little ones. 

Get lost in Mashobra 

Mashobra is a remote and offbeat town in the hilly landscape, surrounded by forest reserves. The town is 11km from Shimla. The distance can be covered with taxi in less than 2000 bucks, but traveling through can be a cheap thrill that you experience for not more than 200 bucks.

Always feel free for people to guide you on the road, they like to be accurate and kind to you more than Google Maps.

Accommodation and dining 

Theog Valley
Theog Valley

Theog is a serene land amidst adventure, unlike the adventurous town nearby. 

It’s an exotic location to stay and dine. Here we are listing 3 dining spaces and 4 accommodations that will suit the best:

Taj Theog

Taj Theog is a regal hotel that radiates an enigmatic royal vibe, sure something that might slightly put a hole in the pocket, but worthy of world-class, and standard to the presidency. A room with a great view will be costlier and about 15K/ night.

It is worth the money because hospitality would be world-class.

De Exotica

De Exotica is an exotic winter resort in an exotic location, it comes in an economical range from 5k -6k a night. 

The hotel is situated on the hilltop of Kuri Valley, which makes it an exciting location for skiing, winter winter scooting, etc.

 After saving a lot on the hotel stay. Now, you can enjoy the luxury of the spa, saunas, and lounging that will not cost you more than 10k for 2 adults.

Zostel Theog

Zostel Theog is a popular workation stay, amidst the valley of deodar. The place is an absolute heaven amidst the woods of Deodar and also being situated near Kufri.

A place of absolute solitude with the wood lodge, and at midnight the bonfire paired with a glass of wine and a group of friends just makes it a great place to trip with your boys/girls squad.

For dining it suits everyone, you can go from your local to their local cuisine.

Daafi Theog

Daafi there is a wood lodge near Daafi Chowk, a crossroad 30 Km from Shimla. 

Daffi Theog Himachal Pradesh offers camping opportunities,  amazing mountain views, and private parking services.

It’s a one-station to adventure and local food cooked by local chefs.

 Being more crafted like the workation places, the room charges will be 6-9K for two individuals depending on the seasons.

Basa Palace Theog

 Basa Palace Theog is a place cum resort, which is 400 m away from Daffi Theog.  It is situated at the entrance of Theog, which makes it the best place to luxurious stay after a tiring adventure.

You can expect a luxurious welcome, royal cuisine, and a hotel room with amenities available for 7k bucks for two Adults.

Club Mahindra Theog

Club Mahindra Theog is a family resort with king-size bedrooms, outdoor games, and recreational activity spaces.

It would be average. cost 5k for 2 adult stays exclusive of extra amenities charges.

This location goes well if you grab a membership to the club Mahindra.

Seasonal delight 

Theog has beautiful weather. The best time to visit here is March-April. In this season you will experience more pleasent comparative to another. The average temperature is 9 degrees Celsius.

For winter consider December, or rather consider February than January. January is a blizzarding cold month, here. 

 Expect to pack yourself for  3 to -1 degrees Celsius.

November-October can be considered to visit fairs and get a suite at a knockdown price.  Being off-season, you can save yourself from. Traffic Jams, moreover, enjoy pleasant weather, with a slight warmth from 7-9 degrees Celsius.

Late July to early September are months of heavy showers, try not to visit Himachal. You might get stuck in landslides.

Travel Tips before visit to Theog Himachal Pradesh

  • Trust locals over Google Maps.
  • Make sure to empty your stomach, as you will not see a public restroom in Theog. 
  • Try not to visit in August and September, as it rains heavily in these months.
  • Pre-book your desired hotel as prices might shoot from the very first day of  December, February, and March. 
  • Try not to climb or take photos at risky places and stay away from water. The river is unpredictable.
  • If stuck, don’t hesitate to ask locals if they will guide you better. 


 Theog is a sweet spot after an adventure thrill. It must be paired with locations like Shimla Kufri, Fagu, and Narkanda.

Being an untouched beauty it must be visited with the mindset of escaping into nature. Although a good place for tourists, and social media butterflies, it is better suited for backpack travelers.