While the region’s sheer height is one of the most important features of Komic Village (don’t forget”  it’s the highest village in India connected by a motorable road” tag), the village itself has a lot to offer. Lundup Tsemo Gompa Buddhist Monastery, for example, is particularly appealing.

The ‘Maitreya Buddha’ is housed in the monastery (Future Buddha). People believe that the Maitreya Buddha is responsible for the Villagers’ well-being. The fortified castle of the 14th-century monastery is made of slanted mud walls, and the beautiful murals, scriptures, and arts transport you to another time.

The Komic Monastery is the source of the village’s name. Villagers will quickly tell you that Tibet knew that a monastery in the shape of a snow cock’s eye would be built in Spiti even before the monastery was built.

The village has around 150 people, including the monks, and has about a dozen houses and one monastery. This place is blessed with unspoiled scenery, lush surroundings, snow-capped peaks, and barren landscapes.

Tales from Komic Village

Villagers will gladly tell you various stories about the Komic Village and how it came. According to locals, the monastery’s monks decided to relocate the monastery lower down near Hikkim village centuries ago to avoid a severe drought.

Despite several attempts, the Mahakaal statue has remained stationary on the ground. Only a monk remained beside the statue to pray after the monastery was relocated.

However, in 1975, an earthquake destroyed the new monastery. When traveling from Hikkim to Kaza, the ruins can still be seen. Despite the massive earthquake, the Mahakaal statue in the old Komic monastery stood firm. As a result, monks relocated the monastery to Komic due to religious beliefs about the sacredness of the location.

 The best time to go to Komic village?

Komic, like many other places in Spiti, is best visited during the summer months. The village is cut off from the rest of the world during the winter months, from November to March. All of this is due to excessive snowfall and road closures. Komic village temperature can drop below -30 degrees Celsius during the winter months.

As a result, April to mid-May marks the start of the season. From Kaza to Losar, this is when the snow begins to melt, and several roads become passable. It’s worth noting, however, that the route from Kunzum Pass to Manali only becomes operational in June.

This is when it is possible to travel to Komic village Spiti and complete the region’s circuit. This window is ideal for admiring snow-covered mountains and having fun in the snow. Also, don’t worry about too many tourists visiting during peak season because Spiti is relatively secluded, with only like-minded nature lovers making the trip.

What is the best way to get to Komic Village?

 There are two ways to get to Komic village and the Spiti valley: via Shimla or Manali. The distance between Delhi and Komic village is 772 kilometers via Shimla and 754 kilometers via Manali. The road from Shimla to Komic and Spiti Valley is a little rougher than the road from Manali to Spiti Valley. As a result, the best way to get to Komic village is via Manali.

On the other hand, the route from Shimla allows for a more gradual ascent, allowing for better acclimatization. However, regardless of which way you choose, you must complete the entire circuit to see the beauty of Manali, Kinnaur, and, of course, Spiti. Kaza, the center of the Spiti Valley, is the nearest central town to Komic.

Kaza is about 19 kilometers from Komic village. You’ll travel through Hikkim village, the most popular route, to get to Komic from Kaza. However, a slightly longer excursion from Langza village is also possible.

Things you should do.

Komic Village is one of the world’s most isolated communities due to its extreme isolation from the rest of the world. To an outsider, it may appear that there isn’t much to do here. But this is where the place’s beauty lies! You can’t say that there’s nothing to see in Komic for a second.

Komic gives you views that will awaken your soul and imprint the vistas in your mind and heart for the rest of your life! This small hamlet is truly a paradise for nature lovers and peace seekers!

With the contrasting backdrop of intimidating Himalayan peaks, the green barley fields take center stage and make for a stunning sight. The snowcapped mountains are indeed the icing on the cake!

Tangy Monastery vs. Komic Lundup Chemo

The Tangyud or Tangyuth monastery, located in Komic, is well worth a visit. It is one of only two Sakya Buddhist monasteries in the Spiti valley. The tangy monastery is also one of India’s highest monasteries. In addition, it is one of the valley’s oldest monasteries.

The monastery has a truly unique appearance because it is built on the edge of a canyon. It has the appearance of a fortified castle. The views from this location, which is on the outskirts of the Kibber wildlife sanctuary, are breathtaking, and you might even see a Himalayan ref fox! A stuffed leopard can be found inside the monastery.

Solar panels visible on top of the monastery, where monks reside, serve as a great source of comfort for the area. Female visitors are not permitted to enter certain parts of the sanctuary.

Pastures and small trails in the area

Exploring the village in any Himalayan town is truly the best part! Early in the morning, go for a hike to take in the breathtaking scenery. Alternatively, you can spend the day at your homestay and soak it all in!

Nearby attractions worth visiting

 Aside from the many things to do in Kaza, there are a few lovely places in the Komic area. Especially noteworthy,

Langza is a village in Langza.

Langza is a high-altitude village on the way from Kaza to Komic. The Fossil Village is another name for it. This village has many stories to tell and has diligently preserved them.

Accommodations in Komic

At Komik village, there are a few basic homestays. The best is one near the monastery, which will gladly serve delicious food for both your stomach and your thoughts! It’s a real treat, and the proprietors are charming and cheerful people. A few rooms are available at the monastery, which cost around INR 50-100 per day.

Alternatively, you can stay in Kaza, where there are plenty of options, and venture out to explore these little magical gems of villages! However, I strongly advise you to spend at least one day in this small Himachal hamlet.


Places like comic village are why I adore traveling to remote locations. The reflective stillness, untouched exquisiteness, and stunning meals, all accompanied by flowing and intimate conversations, are challenging to describe!

You can only get a taste of it in places like Komic village, which catalyzes introducing you to yourself! Believe me when I say that you must hear Komic’s soulful melody at least once in your life!

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